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Day trip to Cabrera with the sea flat like a pancake and jolly divers.

May 2015

Diamond Instructor Training Center

Ready for the next 25 years?

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25 years of diving in the Robinson Club

25 years ago began our cooperation with Robinson as a partner in the field of diving.
First in Fuerteventura at the Robinson Club Jandia Playa, now and since SEVENTEEN years at the Robinson Club Cala Serena.
We are proud of that.
At this day we want to thank all of the people who have been with us since the beginning in 1989, below and above the water:

First of all, of course, our many, many loyal patrons and guests from around the world.

  • First of all, of course, our many, many loyal patrons and guests from around the world.

  • Our friends and family members.

  • All our current and former employees.

  • The representatives of the ROBINSON CLUB as well as to all partners from the diving industry.

Thank you!
Armin and Natascha

Last dive of the season 2013 will be on November 16 at 10:00h. Please register until November 13!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

1. SSI Fashion Store in Spain!! Download the catalogue here!

New section "Events"

We now have a new section on our website, where we publish the programmed events, such as the Freediving Week in September 2013. Have a look!


Visit us on the worlds largest water sports exhibition, the "boot" in Düsseldorf from 19.-27.01.2013: Stand 6 in hall 3.

Visit of the diving school Nautilus from 22.5-29.05.2012.

From left to right: Hans Peter, Alex, Jörg, Wolfgang, Léon, Peer, Markus and Michael


Last dive 2011.

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May 2011: The second time this year we saw dolphins outside the Cala Serena.

News from May 2011.

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March 2011 - the first dive of the year.

Start of the season 2011 with our first dive.

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The last dive in the season 2010 took place on November 14, followed by our traditional after-season-party.

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Beach party 2010

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Dinner with the divers in the Bar Maria.

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Cabrera excursion 2010

See photos by Marek and Mark made during our trip to Cabrera on May 26, 2010.

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Snorkelling with Wilma

See the photos of our snorkel trip with 79 years old Wilma.

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March 2010 - the first dive of the year.

Start of the season 2010 with our first dive.

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Almond blosson on ice!

Have a look on some photos from a snowy winter on Mallorca!

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End of the season 2009 with our last dive and our traditional "end of the season" party.

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02.10.2009 - the day after ...

Heavy rains in Mallorca with about 170 l / sqm. The beach was gone ...

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Photos of Klaus.

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Cabrera, 30.08.2009

» Photos of Martin


New dive site: Wreck diving in Porto Colom

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» Photos of Maximo Korger


» Photos of Luisito


Photos taken by Ernesto on the 2.7.2009 in Cabrera

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Dive #500 of Dieter Bäuerle and his friends Uwe, Bleiuwe and Rainer.

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Trip to Cabrera on the 17.06.2009

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New photos of our diving center. Nice, fine, neat and - safe!

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High Quality Corner

The idea of our new High Quality Corner are the rising costs for limit exceeding luggage on the flights to Mallorca. This material is only being used by one person during his/her stay with us. Thus, it´s your own hired material for the length of your stay.


What a lucky day - dolfins during our snorkel trip with Hella, Bettina, Britta, Detlef, Ulf and myself. More photo to come soon.

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Lots of fun with the kids of the Robini Club during our boat excursion and the "bottom bomb contest".

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Our first dive in 2009 and thus the opening of the season. We are looking forward to see you (again) this year for some marvellous dives.

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20 years of cooperation with the Robinson Club Spanien!

January 8, 1989

The begin of our cooperation with the ROBINSON Clubs Spain in the dive center of the ROBINSON Club Jandia Playa. On the photo: club director Faustino Lamas, Gerd Neuses, Armin, Natascha and Roshan.


January 8, 2009

We celebrate 20 years of cooperation with the ROBINSON Clubs Spain. On the photo Luca, Natascha, Maximo, Armin, Monti Galmes, general manager of ROBINSON Club Spain and club director Cala Serena Klaus Augustin.

16.11.2008 - Bikeweek

During the Bikeweek 2008 from the 10.11. - 16.11.2008 in the ROBINSON Club Cala Serena, we had the chance to combine the biking with the diving ... Charly and Jens were happy, under water as well as above.

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12.11.2008 - Final dive 2008

We closed the season 2008 with our last dive on November 12 and agreed during the following come together: this was a great year and we are already looking forward to 2009.

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06.11.2008 - Tauchring Reutlingen

The "Tauchring Reutlingen" visited us from the 31.10. - 6.11.2008
Although the weather conditionms were rather bad, we had much fun together and never lost the good spirit in the group around Dieter Bäuerle.

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13.10.2008 - Cala Ratjada Two dives in Cala Ratjada with Mero Diving. Thank you, Udo!

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06.10.2008 - Cabrera #8 in 2008 Cabrera the 8th in this year and two marvellous dives with the groupers and, and, and ...

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October 2008 - Dragonera Stormy weather in Cala d´Or, so we went for a trip to Port de Andratx and Leo Klein and his base. Friendly as he is, he left us his base, boat and team and we drove for a 2 tank dive to the island of Dragonera. Hurray!!

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DIVE FAMILY Many centers claim to be a "diving family" - we are.
Today, on the 14th of September, the entire family Korger - Luca, Maximo, Natascha and Armin, we made our first dive of the season.

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August 2008 - Cabrera Another day trip to the islands of Cabrera y Conejera with a visit to the "Cueva Azul", the Blue Cavern at the end of the day.

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Juli 2008 - Proposal of marriage underwater ! On July 3, 2008, Andreas his girlfriend Mehtap to marry him - during a private dive with Armin. Congratulations from the entire team!!

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July 2008 - Snorkeling, the entrance to the underwater world Enter the underwater world with our snorkle trip! 4 times per week we offer you the first step into the fascinating world under water.

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July 2008 - Vamos a Cabrera Every 14 days we offer a full day trip to the island of Cabrera. Diving as it was 40 years ago, an unbelievable number of species and cristal clear water. See the photos and join us!

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June 2008 The "Knupfer" girlz came to visit the ROBINSON club and our diving center. Some photos on the beach, an instant snorkel trip, and the next day already in the pool for a DSD. Girlz, you were big fun, thanks a lot!

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May 2008

We are happy that we had the chance to do another dive (the cave in the Cala Sauna) with Germanys most successfull athlet in Winter Olympic Games, Ms. Claudia Pechstein.

27.05.2008 Fotos made by Carsten Moss, our habitual diver and soon dive instructor.

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17.04.2008Finally. We made our first dive with our new boat "VAMOS" and everything worked out perfectly. This is a big step towards a more comfortable and safe diving. We are looking forward to welcome you on board.

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1. dive of the season 2008

Winter on Mallorca

Some impressions of the winter months on Mallorca.

Last dive of the season 2007 and the usual come-together in the diving center.

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Tauchclub Köhler, November 2007

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Wave diving in october ... ... in the Cala Serena.

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Land down under II

Foto made by Jasmin (click for larger views)

Land down under on October 9, 2007

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DSD of the group Vodafone on 07/09/2007

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Photos of Martin Dive in August 2007

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Our new boat 29.07.2007 After some discussions between government and opposition of the dive center, we finally ordered our new dive boat for 2008. We ordered the version "WORK" in black. Technical data:
Length: 7,50 Meter
Width: 2,95 Meter
Weight: 850 kg
Persons: 24
Max. Power: 250 PS
Sea certificate B
Material: Neopren - Hypalon

Videos of the boat in action you can watch here: www.yamaha-motor-europe.com/raidturquoise

Ring fishes and hair fishes 25.07.2007The ring fish and hair fish have been seen in the area ...

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Ernestos photos of 23/07/2007

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SPORTSWEAR WITH LOGOTYPEOur center´s new outfit and also on sale for our clients:
T-SHIRT, POLO, KAPUZEN SWEATSHIRT AND FLEEZE.All in different colurs and sizes. If you wish so, you can even order them via email.

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Snorkel excursion on June 22, 2007

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High visit in the diving center! King Arthur Abraham IBF-world boxing champion Date: 14.06.2007

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Excursion to Cabrera on June 6, 2007

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Another funny Paella night at the Bar Maria Date: 23.05.2007

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Night Dive on 04.04.2007Diver: Julia, Uli and Armin
Time: 19.00 Uhr
Dive site: Cala Serena
Max. depth: 5,2 meter
Duration: 62 minutes
Afterwards: Paella :-) » see the photos


Some photos from our first dive in 2007 Diver: Natascha and Armin
Dive site: Small reef
Date: 22.01.2007With a hello from the island,
Armin and Natascha.

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