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Las Islas Cabrera

Trips to Cabrera every week, please enrol in time.


Cabrera is a land and marine Achipelago.

The waters around this national park are characterized by their clarity and by their transparancy which give rise to a well-conserved sea-bed. The marine surroundings are diverse and productive. The water currents, the variety of terrain and the typ of seabed produce coditions for a large variety of biotopes from the oceanic Posidonia meadows to the coral communities which dress this maritime spot producing a sensation of perfect harmony for nature lovers.

The sea bed is rich in vertebrates and invertebrates like the striking nudibranches, the grouper fish, octopuses, moray eels, etc. are all characteristic. These waters also provide shelter for larger animals like the dolphin,the pilote whale and the loggerhead turtle.

More than half of the varities of the fish found in the Balearic Island can be found in the park´s waters.The waters also favor the presence ofcetaceans and turtles.



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